I need an Award!

I don’t have any awards…and I want to be your Magical entertainer. That’s my problem…you’re searching for the very best Magician to provide entertainment at your event. (You deserve the best.)If price is your only qualifier, you go for the “cheapest”, case closed. (Good luck!)

However, I’m assuming you’ve honed your search down to 2 or 3 entertainers. They all seem excellent, great reviews, video and photos which give you a pretty good idea of what you will get. All things are basically equal…oh wait, Magician X has an award. Bingo! that’s the one. Darn, I lose again. See the problem? This is important, I understand and it should be.

But…but, but, all awards are not equal. Believe me I have great respect for Magicians who have won awards. They work very hard to participate in competitions. If you see a Magician who has a FISM award, he’s probably your guy, spend the money…you won’t be disappointed. There are many other meaningful awards, but it’s not likely you will know the difference.

Here’s my little gripe…some awards are handed out like candy at a kids B’day Party. Yup, a few clubs hand out “Magician of the Year” awards to members who are not particularly talented. Now these are handed out with the best of intentions. People work hard in many ways to help out their club…how can we say thank you? Yup, Magician of the Year Awards…OMG, I can’t compete.

So help me out here. Think of hiring the generic Magician…you probably buy your bread this way, or better yet…Could somebody please send me an award.
Alright, it’s kind of tongue in cheek…here’s a little video of my Wedding work.
https://youtu.be/I_AkeCLHAxA  www.joeferrantimagic.com
Corporate Magician, Wedding Magician…specializing in Close Up/Walk Around Magic.

Give them a good time! (With Magic)

In the beginning we had photographs…yeah; a picture is worth a thousand words. Not so much in the 21st century. Of course we’ve always had language to convey information, and writing wasn’t far behind.

What do we use to show are clients that we have exactly what they are looking for. It’s not feasible to audition for an hour show. The answer is of course live action video performance.

We have had video for a long time…once the media for the rich. Today our phones can do a pretty impressive job. A decent camcorder for $200+ is better than the $1,000 dollar camcorder I use to get my children’s first steps. (Worth every penny.)

As a professional Magician, I have numerous reviews/testimonials. My clients rave about my performances at their weddings, corporate events and every type of celebration you might imagine. I’ve just found it’s never quite enough. All the pictures of people laughing and gasping at…? Well in my case magic. The pictures have never been quite enough. It’s hard to be the salesman and tell everyone, “I am the best in my field”. I prefer a little humility…or as they say the “proof is in the pudding.” I finally have some pudding samples for my clients to taste test. Have a taste of one of Boston’s most entertaining close up Magicians. See the video here.

Nothing makes it any clearer than a video of a live performance. It’s not about the “tricks”. If your audience does not have a great time, then it’s time to go home and collect stamps. Did I mention the video? https://youtu.be/I_AkeCLHAxA oh sorry, I did. Well, I plan on making more, because I can. I want to show you the adult Birthday, the corporate cocktail, the company Christmas party. If I do it, I want to show you a video. No longer will you need to take a leap of faith. If you like the reactions of my magical entertainment, I can do the same for your event. Except better, because it’s your party. Don’t be shy, call me, email, text…I want to take your event to the next level. Don’t believe me? Did I tell you about the VIDEO!

Joe Ferranti Professional close Up Magician Boston and surrounding towns and cities in Mass.

Tricks? I Don’t Think So

“There is a world of difference between some guy walking around doing tricks, and a professional entertainer performing Magic.”

Has anyone ever shown you a trick? Most likely, maybe a card trick…They probably start dealing cards for no apparent reason. Nothing is said as they continue to deal. Somehow you find yourself trying to remember a card, but the tedious process is not helping you remember. Finally, a card is turned over, “Is that your card?” At this point you’re thinking, “Who cares”.

The professional appears to be doing something similar, but it is not. There is no tedium. You are laughing, having a good time, perhaps there are three or four of you engaged. There is a moment of suspense, you want a resolution, but the suspense builds a little more…and then Bang! You’re senses question a reality you have known to be true for a lifetime. Someone might say “No *^$# Way!” Perhaps a scream or maybe just laughter. You find yourself applauding along with your friends. Excitement builds interest to other guests, like dominoes tipping over, the response is contagious. Everyone wants to know what happened? If you have not witnessed this, you have not experienced the professional Magic entertainer.
We walk around from group to group. People tell you they’ve been waiting for you. Others don’t wait; they have a need to see what’s going on at that very moment. That’s O.K. it is totally expected.

If you have witnessed this, believe me, it doesn’t happen by accident. The entertainer can do this seven nights a week and always get near identical reactions. Spontaneity can be well rehearsed. Yes, many hours go into apparently approaching a small group of strangers, becoming a new friend in moments, and leaving them pleased to have met the most interesting person in the room.

Of course they are not the most interesting of people…it’s just an illusion, but that’s the beauty of rehearsed spontaneity. It seems real, and a little bit like Magic.

Joe Ferranti Professional Magician, Massachusetts, Boston, Walk Around Magic

Reviews of a successful Wedding Magician

Hinal Guarev money shot
On the day, when you hope everything goes right, you can depend on one of Boston’s finest Magicians.
“One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding.”
“It’s all about you, I never forget that.” Joe Ferranti Professional magician

You can expect what my past clients express.

“What A Wedding! We can’t thank you enough – you absolutely CRUSHED it!!!! I lost count how many people were absolutely blown away by you. Your talent is incredible… I must admit, without seeing it firsthand I found myself wondering “could I catch on too what he’s doing”. But after seeing you in person, I was amazed. Your reputation is well deserved! Thanks again so much! Andy and Laura”

“As a surprise to our guests, we wanted to include a unique touch to our wedding reception. The Magic of Joe Ferranti, regardless of the specific event, will provide that special touch that will leave your guests talking. It certainly left an impression with our guests! The best part about Joe is his attention to detail in preparation and communication prior to the event. We were certainly grateful that he was willing to travel a significant distance to perform at our wedding reception. Wedding planning takes time, even with wedding planners, and Joe was a consummate professional throughout the process. My wife and I highly recommend Joe for any event you may have. You will not be disappointed.” Alex and Megan R. Vermont

“One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding. Joe was fantastic at the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. Our guests were absolutely floored by his magic, which was coupled by a great, clean sense of humor. We 100% recommend Joe’s services. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions.” Gaurav S. Woburn, Ma.

“Hi Joe! It was a pleasure to meet you and have you perform some extra Magic
at our Wedding. We really love our card, and we are already looking for a way to frame it,
to do it justice. Thank you so much for your promptness and excellent performance.
Many Thanks!” Marina and Zach

“Dear Joe, “I had great feedback from our(Wedding) guests and would like to thank you for entertaining them so well. Kind regards” Sharon V. Haverhill, Ma.

A Magical December

December is always a busy time performing Magic in Boston and its suburbs. Most often I’m hired for Holiday parties, private and corporate. I have had the pleasure to perform for every type of person and personality you might imagine. I am often warned things like, “Everybody here is an engineer…This is a group of Doctors.” I always make some polite reply…”Thanks, but it doesn’t matter.”
Why does it not matter? Because I am performing Magic, and Magic defies explanation. Well not really, maybe its just a collection of tricks, but tricks based on a solid foundation of entertainment and psychology.
One request I recall, ‘Looking for elegant sleight of hand, for a smart fun sophisticated group” at the risk of not being hired, I told the client who was one of my most appreciative and generous clients, “Well, you won’t know if the sleight of hand is elegant, because you won’t see it.”
If you have the patience, let me leave you with a review I got from the Happy couple pictured below.
”One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding. Joe was fantastic at the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. Our guests were absolutely floored by his magic, which was coupled by a great, clean sense of humor. We 100% recommend Joe’s services. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions.”
”Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse…”
Merry Christmas,
Magician joe Ferranti www.joeferrantimagic.com

Holiday Parties = Busy and fun Season

Great news for all the Walk Around and Strolling Magicians working in Boston and throughout Mass. (R.I. N.H.). It seems there is plenty of work for everyone. The December Calendar is full and running into January. Some businesses like celebrating the Holidays in January. I imagine December can be too hectic for some, and the turnout is likely higher in January.

As for Holiday related material, I don’t use any. I don’t feel a demand or need for it. Of course if something is requested in advance, I will always accommodate. A few twists on most anything can change the theme.

The main theme is fun, laughter and amazement. Without that I’d be dead in the water. Hopefully without sounding like an ego maniac, I achieve this goal consistently…time after time. (Of course that is the case with many others.) My only secret is I never take a job if I have the slightest hint, I might not be able to provide what my “Client” is looking for.
In everything we do, it pays to listen. Most prefer to talk and bluster. (As I’m doing now.) But you will learn very little from yourself. Most importantly, when someone’s reputation is on the line, (think event planner) this is more valuable than the money. You can never afford to get it wrong.
Let me leave this, with a wish that everyone has a pleasurable Holiday season and the greatest of health in the New Year.

Strolling Magicians in the Boston area…

I get many inquiries from people who think they might like to try magical entertainment for their, event, celebration, wedding, cocktail party…and more.

As is often the case, so many are unsure of what will fit their program the best. Most haven’t thought about or totally understand their options. It is my obligation to help them understand what is available; it is NOT about selling me or my performance.

I am a strolling/ Walk Around/ Close Up Magician, and love what I do, if my services fit you, I’m all over it. If not, I’’ guide you to another professional or an agency.

Let’s look at Stage, Parlor, and Platform Magic…Most often people pay to go to a show. They have a good idea of what to expect, and understand that they will be seated. They are welcome to applaud, gasp in wonder, but their attention is expected. They are not welcome to use their cell phones in a way that will interrupt the show or disturb people they are seated near. They are also not expected to carry on conversations with people next to them, much less shouting out across the seats to get the attention of a friend. Those are the rules of polite society…get it? Yup, most of you. A Stage show is appropriate for any venue. A stage show is also appropriate where an individual hires a Magician for his/her guests. It is best that the guests are aware that they will be asked to devote an hour of their undivided attention. If this is unknown to your guests it may not be what they were expecting and may make some feel they want to bow out for a little while. Let your guests know you are inviting them to a show.

Strolling Magicians play by slightly different rules. Many might perceive that what they do is Helter Skelter, unplanned or improvisational. Nothing could be further from the truth. The professional strolling magician presents highly structured and rehearsed entertainment. I paraphrase, but the best improvisation is extremely well rehearsed.

Where is the strolling Magicians best venue? These are numerous, cocktail Parties, Holiday Parties, Weddings and everything you can possibly think of.

It is always best if your guests know a Magician will be there to provide entertainment. It just makes it easier on the introductions…not necessary; we can slip in without being rude, and are always welcome, 99.9% of the time. When you are skilled from experience you can tell when old friends are catching up…give them some time and return later.

Truthfully, when you begin entertaining your first group there should be so much laughter, applauding and things I can’t mention, you will be welcomed wherever you go as each group is anticipating what all the noise was about.

When is this entertainment not a good idea? When people are dining! Very important, I repeat, when people are dining. The only entertainment that will work properly in this environment is quiet music, which will allow the diners to talk as they eat. You would think this is a no brainer…it is not. Can you imagine, a magic show interrupting your dinner? When the show is over, your dinner is cold…or you pay no attention and the Magician is wasting his time, but more importantly, your time.
This does not rule out cocktail parties where food is served. The professional strolling magician has no problems providing entertainment to suit the circumstance. One person may be texting…carry on, everyone else is totally immersed in what you are doing. People may interact with you, perfectly fine, this does not mean they run the program, but they have to feel free to talk with you. I ask many questions of the guests, and I listen, it is part of the “Magic”
There are always pros and cons in every situation. Weigh out you options, the pros should outweigh the cons 99 to 1. If this is not the case perhaps Magic is not your best entertainment.Stage or Close Up? Not so mysterious now.

If you need a free consultation please call me…you and your event come first. My finding my next Gig…There’s always another around the corner. I can always take some time to help a friend.
Joe Ferranti One of the Best Magicians in the Boston Area.
339-927-4710 www.joeferrantimagic.com

Reviews of an Adult Birthday Party Magician

Joe Ferranti Magician Boston and beyond

When searching for a Magician to entertain at an adult function, please do not search for “Birthday Magician”…oh go ahead…are you back? See what I mean? When it comes to the best in adult entertainment, the results come down to a handful of qualified candidates. Find several qualified candidates and then price shop from the Best. (If you must.)
One way to make that determination is a perusal of testimonials from past clients, and I just happened to put some together.

Adult B’day
Thank you so much for such a wonderful and unforgettable birthday night! You were more than I could have wished for…I will be sure to recommend and send along your information to anyone looking to elevate their parties as you were absolutely fantastic.
Thanks Again,
Krista N. Boston, Ma.

60th Birthday Party
Thank you Joe for your spectacular performance for my husband’s 60th surprise birthday party. You gave our friends and family such an awesome evening, that they are still talking about it weeks later! It would have just been a “nice dinner” without you, but you took it up to the highest level of fun, with your showmanship and professionalism (not to mention, great sense of humor). You made all of the age groups at the party enjoy our very special evening, by giving each and every guest special attention. Again, thanks so much for the life-long wonderful memory. With respect and gratitude. Valerie K. from West Roxbury
PS: My guests are still asking (me as well), “Now how did Joe do that?”

Private B’day Party
“Joe is by far one of the best magicians in this area. He performed for a party for my father and had myself and all the guests laughing and entertained all night. His close up tricks blew everyone away. It was a great time! Thank you Joe!”
Samantha B.

60th Birthday – Dec. 14
We hired Joe for my husband’s 60th birthday party and we are so glad we did! First of all, he was very good at communicating with me before the party and making sure that we were all set. It was so nice not to worry. When he arrived, he was so easy to work with. He entertained everyone (adults and kids) and left several people scratching their heads wondering how he did his magic. His humor and banter were very entertaining—even converting some non-believers!!! Our guests loved him. We would hire him back in a minute! Thanks Joe! —Linda B.

25th Birthday
I just booked Joe for my girlfriend’s surprise 25th birthday party. We love magic and Joe EXCEEDED our expectations. He worked a room of 50 guests for 2 hours and kept everyone entertained.

Reviews of a Corporate Magician

Boston area Magician Joe Ferranti

Wine & Cuisine Society, a Student Club at Harvard Business School
Joe was a fantastic addition to our event. He mingled for 3 hours with over 250 guests at a black-tie gala and kept everyone entertained. We had so many people ask for his card or contact information, really the star of the show. Very professional and courteous, great communication before the event, and extremely conscientious and punctual. He was even doing impromptu magic for the catering staff during the event setup, which they loved and set the perfect mood for the evening. Will definitely use again, and highly recommend. – Will F.
Tatnuck Country Club
We hired Joe for our annual “I survived the holidays party” for our employees. We are an exclusive country club and have continuous holiday parties and get to celebrate ours after the fact. We were looking for something fun and interactive and found him. He utilized his mix and mingle magic skills to wow every one of my coworkers. His sleight of hand is immaculate and left everyone wondering for weeks after on how he did it.(Magician Joe Ferranti) He is a very friendly and personable professional and you can see the air of enthusiasm that surrounds him. He had everyone laughing and many following him around not wanting to miss anything. He was very humble and able to ‘go with the flow’. We were very unorganized as to the actual flow of events with in the fiesta but his ability to shift gears at a moment’s notice is what really amazed me. Many entertainers can get frustrated or offended if they are in the middle of something and then you start making announcements, but he was able to foresee and prepare to start again without notice. He came early and stayed later than expected. Very nice and magical guy. Highly recommended for any event and his prices are unbeatable. Kyla H.
Tatnuck Country Club – Worcester, MA
Apollo Professional Solutions
My Company had a national conference in Boston over the Halloween weekend and the theme was a “magical” theme. Joseph Ferranti was our professional magician and he was absolutely perfect with a great combination of magic, comedy, engaging our employees and weaving our theme into his presentation. I would recommend Joe Ferranti as he will work with you to customize your event.
Gayle Williams, President, Apollo Professional Solutions, Inc.
Senior Whole Health
I would like to thank you for the fun and wonderful performance you put on for the clients at the Adult Day Center at Blair House in Tewksbury MA this past Tuesday. I know they enjoyed it as much as I did!It was a pleasure doing business with you, starting with my finding your services on the internet, contacting and communicating with you was always very prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend your service to anybody looking for a magician or entertainer for any occasion. Tracey Tobin, Senior Whole Health
Phillips Academy
“Our students were very impressed and I heard great things, also, from your dinner shows.”
Stephanie W., Student Activities Coordinator, Phillips Academy, Andover, Ma.
Elderhostel, Inc. (Road Scholar)
Hi Joe! Thank you so much for your performance par excellence! All the Folks at Road Scholar were thrilled to see (some for the first time) a real, live professional Magician.
Best, Dave H.
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Dear Joe, “I heard wonderful compliments from the people. Kind Regards, Ashling R University of Massachusetts Medical School
Mass. General, North Shore Cancer Center Program
Dear Joe, Thank you so much for helping us make Breast Cancer disappear! You were fabulous! So nice of you to donate your time It was a special evening to benefit Mass. General.
Jeanne Hennessey (Lorraine Roy Designer Collections and Friends)
Edgewood Church of Christ
From initial inquiry all the way through performance, Mr. Ferranti was extremely professional & courteous. He arrived early to set up and was flexible & accommodating when our late arriving guests pushed back the start time. The show was entertaining & appropriate and the many audience participants loved being part of the show. We will look for opportunities to hire Mr. Ferranti again in the future!
Matt Welch, Youth Minister, Edgewood Church of Christ, Mansfield, MA
Top of the Hill Gang, Inc.
We were very pleased with Joe Ferranti and the magic he performed for our group. He arrived early, was prepared, and was very accommodating for our location & group of people. He performed in a friendly, professional manner & everyone enjoyed his show. Thank you for all your help. Maryann D.  Top of the Hill Gang, Inc.
AIM entertainment and enrichment coordinators
Hi Joe, Thank you so much for performing at AIM (Angels in Motion (A.I.M.) )on Tuesday, Jan 8th. The members loved the show. You were so entertaining and we loved the stories you told while engaging their interests. We look forward to having you back in the spring and would love to book you again for next year too! Thanks again, Noreen Curdo & Pam Almeida (AIM entertainment and enrichment coordinators)

32nd Annual Gail Singer Memorial Blood Drive!

Tuesday, August 25 from 9 am to 6 pm | Public Drive

Wednesday, August 26 from 9 am to 6 pm | Corporate Challenge Drive

Radisson Hotel & Expo Center | 700 Elm Street in Manchester, NH

I will be providing Magical Entertainment for my second year. If you want to donate, please drop by. The food is great and I’ll be there to entertain you. Hope to see you. Magician Joe Ferranti The Very Best in Close up Magic.