Very entertaining, great tricks

It was my husband’s 41st birthday and he wanted to see a magician. He’s a big fan of close up magic. I looked into going to a show in Boston but then realized I could hire someone to come to us. So I found Joe! He came to my house to perform for 6 of us. He was awesome. Very funny, kept it engaging, involved everyone in the tricks, some really blew our minds. We were very pleased. When I first started looking I noticed the prices ranged pretty significantly. I thought I might need to go with a more expensive magician to get better quality, but when Joe also offered a video of the night, I figured with all of his experience he must be good so I went with him who was very reasonably priced. I’m so glad I did. Like I said he was great, we laughed a lot, and his wife was there to take the video which is awesome. What a memory! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some fun entertainment and great tricks. It was really cool.