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Boston Close-Up Magician sees slow down in January 2022

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti expects business will stall.

A Different Shut Down…

Boston Close-Up Magician Joe Ferranti
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January 2021, things were looking positive. Two vaccines had emergency use authorization and a third would be available in February. The only problem was getting an appointment for a shot. Surely we were on our way to ending the pandemic in our country and would move on to help others less fortunate.

On the business side, there was no demand for my Magicians services in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, where I receive 90% of my gigs. As many know, some magicians/entertainers had added virtual services for their clients. It seems to have worked well for some; I chose not to add virtual services for many reasons. Mainly, my knowledge of the technical aspects of providing a virtual show would likely fail to offer a satisfying experience for my clients.

Will normalcy return this Spring?

Encouragement came in the spring, as the Graduating Class at Billerica High School contacted me to perform for their party. The event would take place outside, and masks would be the rule.

Not my preferred way to work/communicate. However, it worked well and to the complete satisfaction of my clients. (reviews available for on Google.)

When June arrived, the graduating class of Newburyport High School contacted me. A client I had worked for previously. With the students and myself vaccinated, this was my return to performing in the manner I was comfortable with. The style of magic I perform is, “Close-Up Magic.” further explanation is unnecessary.

Contact Joe Ferranti, Massachusetts Magician for updates in scheduling.

And so it continued with many more performances, as people had regained a comfort level to gather in intimate settings. All was going great, with an expectation of a busy holiday season, and it was a busy season for holiday parties, Christmas parties, and a few birthday parties. Until…Omicron.

The cancellations began, some because of actual cases of covid, and more because of uncertainty.

As of now, I am not technically closed down, but I do not know when I will receive my next inquiry. So, realistically, I am “closed down.” And on it goes… as of today, fully vaccinated in the U.S. is at 62.2% or 74% for one vaccination.

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