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“Joe is amazing to work with -so accommodating and professional. His magic is beyond compare and even the toughest “I know how he did it” critics will be amazed! He has an exceptional ability to adjust to each person and humor is a big part of his act that makes it that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend having him at your party or event whether it be personal or corporate.”

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Thank you for visiting The Magic of Joe Ferranti. We know you have many choices for entertainment, to see what I can do for your event, visit my YouTube Channel and watch some videos and read reviews from Google.

 For over twelve years, The Magic of Joe Ferranti has brought his unique style of magic to a variety of events. 

We guarantee a friendly and magical experience for your guests.

We’re happy to collaborate with you ahead of your event! Each event is special, and we pay close attention to your needs and preferences. You can be confident we understand your vision and will deliver the ideal entertainment.

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When you see Joe Ferranti perform, you will immediately notice the laughter. Joe is not a “comedian.” Although he is a bit “funny.”

Sigmund Freud held that laughter allows people to let off steam or release pent-up “nervous energy.” This works in the proper structure of a magic trick. We introduce an impossible premise. It is the magician’s mission to resolve this impossible challenge. We create tension through the process… when the magician succeeds, we release the tension. (I pull the proverbial rug out from under the spectators.) Many will laugh, some will scream, and it is not unusual for some to remain silent, eyes wide open and slack jawed. I prefer the laughter and screams, but that’s me.

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti is Your Best Choice for Magic Entertainment.

Laughter and Respect for Your Guests:

Many magicians use the practice of generating laughs at the expense of assistants from the audience. This is something we never do. Your guests will often be the “Star” when they take part in the show. Treating your guests with respect is a top priority. In fact, they always enjoy being part of the show.

Close-Up Magic is inherently interactive. That is a highlight of Close-Up Magic. The audience trusts us to provide a fun experience. We will not abuse that trust.

Whether you are putting on a private party, a wedding or corporate event, there are always many “moving parts. We want you to know that your “magic entertainment” is in expert hands, and you can relax and concentrate on other aspects of your event.

Close-Up Magician Massachusetts.

Close-Up Magic is a unique branch of the art of magic. This is our specialty, and we guarantee you the best in Walk Around Magic or The Intimate Magic Parlor Show.

The Very Best in Close-Up Magic – Boston Massachusetts

Boston Magician Joe Ferranti

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