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The Magic of Joe Ferranti

Walk around/Strolling Magic and the Parlor Magic Show

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1. Strolling/Walk Around Magic:

Close Up Magic performed for small groups of people. Up close and personal…in the sense that quite often the magic occurs in the spectator’s hands. This is strong, impactful magic as it is presented without barriers, mere inches from the eyes of your guests.

The length of performance for each group is calculated to best accommodate the number of people in attendance. We will do our best to visit each and every one of your guests.

Why The Magic of Joe Ferranti?

The best endorsements come from satisfied clients and the ultimate proof comes when seeing the reactions of real people during real performances. Please take a few minutes and do a quick search on Google for The Magic of Joe Ferranti. You will find many reviews from satisfied clients.

If you want to see how your guests will react to the joy of live magic, simply visit my video link on this web site. Video tells the true story.

Simply put, we have performed this style of magic for countless hours, and many years, for every type of audience you can imagine. Walk Around Magic is suitable for corporate and private events.

Strolling Magic Review

“Joe is a true gentleman and spectacular entertainer. Not only did he wow everyone with his magic tricks, he had people smiling, laughing, and enjoying the wonderful event. I knew just from meeting him he would dazzle all the guests, and he did exactly that. His magic abilities are top notch, and I’d recommend Joe to anyone that wants to add a special twist to their event. You won’t be disappointed!” Isaac Perper

2. The Parlor Magic Show:

Strolling Magic may not suit every situation …when you want something a bit more formal, The Parlor Show will likely fulfill your need.

The intimate parlor show is distinguished by its audience size and its formal performance style.

What does this mean to you? The parlor show is a formal presentation to your audience who will be seated…this is still a “close up Style of Magic”, getting its name from where these shows are normally presented. “The Parlor” of your home. Of course, you are not limited to this performance in only your home, the real distinguishing characteristic is that a Parlor show should not be considered a “Stage Show”, without going into detail the stage show is generally quite large using apparatus. (This is not a strict rule for all Stage Magicians.)

Joe Ferranti’s Parlor show has been a hit for private and corporate functions. We have many reviews and video is available as well.

Here’s a review of the Parlor Show…

“Our Christmas party featuring Joe Ferranti, the Card Magician/Comedian for 30 people was SUPERB!!!! The whole team was flabbergasted and in AWE as he mesmerized the audience and drew in the crowd. We highly recommend him entertaining your next event and give him 5 stars plus!!!!” Paula Leed, Co-CEO, Royal Jewelers, Andover, MA