Tricks? I Don’t Think So

“There is a world of difference between some guy walking around doing tricks, and a professional entertainer performing Magic.”

Has anyone ever shown you a trick? Most likely, maybe a card trick…They probably start dealing cards for no apparent reason. Nothing is said as they continue to deal. Somehow you find yourself trying to remember a card, but the tedious process is not helping you remember. Finally, a card is turned over, “Is that your card?” At this point you’re thinking, “Who cares”.

The professional appears to be doing something similar, but it is not. There is no tedium. You are laughing, having a good time, perhaps there are three or four of you engaged. There is a moment of suspense, you want a resolution, but the suspense builds a little more…and then Bang! You’re senses question a reality you have known to be true for a lifetime. Someone might say “No *^$# Way!” Perhaps a scream or maybe just laughter. You find yourself applauding along with your friends. Excitement builds interest to other guests, like dominoes tipping over, the response is contagious. Everyone wants to know what happened? If you have not witnessed this, you have not experienced the professional Magic entertainer.
We walk around from group to group. People tell you they’ve been waiting for you. Others don’t wait; they have a need to see what’s going on at that very moment. That’s O.K. it is totally expected.

If you have witnessed this, believe me, it doesn’t happen by accident. The entertainer can do this seven nights a week and always get near identical reactions. Spontaneity can be well rehearsed. Yes, many hours go into apparently approaching a small group of strangers, becoming a new friend in moments, and leaving them pleased to have met the most interesting person in the room.

Of course they are not the most interesting of people…it’s just an illusion, but that’s the beauty of rehearsed spontaneity. It seems real, and a little bit like Magic.

Joe Ferranti Professional Magician, Massachusetts, Boston, Walk Around Magic

Reviews of a successful Wedding Magician

Hinal Guarev money shot
On the day, when you hope everything goes right, you can depend on one of Boston’s finest Magicians.
“One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding.”
“It’s all about you, I never forget that.” Joe Ferranti Professional magician

You can expect what my past clients express.

“What A Wedding! We can’t thank you enough – you absolutely CRUSHED it!!!! I lost count how many people were absolutely blown away by you. Your talent is incredible… I must admit, without seeing it firsthand I found myself wondering “could I catch on too what he’s doing”. But after seeing you in person, I was amazed. Your reputation is well deserved! Thanks again so much! Andy and Laura”

“As a surprise to our guests, we wanted to include a unique touch to our wedding reception. The Magic of Joe Ferranti, regardless of the specific event, will provide that special touch that will leave your guests talking. It certainly left an impression with our guests! The best part about Joe is his attention to detail in preparation and communication prior to the event. We were certainly grateful that he was willing to travel a significant distance to perform at our wedding reception. Wedding planning takes time, even with wedding planners, and Joe was a consummate professional throughout the process. My wife and I highly recommend Joe for any event you may have. You will not be disappointed.” Alex and Megan R. Vermont

“One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding. Joe was fantastic at the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. Our guests were absolutely floored by his magic, which was coupled by a great, clean sense of humor. We 100% recommend Joe’s services. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions.” Gaurav S. Woburn, Ma.

“Hi Joe! It was a pleasure to meet you and have you perform some extra Magic
at our Wedding. We really love our card, and we are already looking for a way to frame it,
to do it justice. Thank you so much for your promptness and excellent performance.
Many Thanks!” Marina and Zach

“Dear Joe, “I had great feedback from our(Wedding) guests and would like to thank you for entertaining them so well. Kind regards” Sharon V. Haverhill, Ma.

A Magical December

December is always a busy time performing Magic in Boston and its suburbs. Most often I’m hired for Holiday parties, private and corporate. I have had the pleasure to perform for every type of person and personality you might imagine. I am often warned things like, “Everybody here is an engineer…This is a group of Doctors.” I always make some polite reply…”Thanks, but it doesn’t matter.”
Why does it not matter? Because I am performing Magic, and Magic defies explanation. Well not really, maybe its just a collection of tricks, but tricks based on a solid foundation of entertainment and psychology.
One request I recall, ‘Looking for elegant sleight of hand, for a smart fun sophisticated group” at the risk of not being hired, I told the client who was one of my most appreciative and generous clients, “Well, you won’t know if the sleight of hand is elegant, because you won’t see it.”
If you have the patience, let me leave you with a review I got from the Happy couple pictured below.
”One of the most talented, nicest and punctual vendors we had at our wedding. Joe was fantastic at the cocktail hour of our wedding reception. Our guests were absolutely floored by his magic, which was coupled by a great, clean sense of humor. We 100% recommend Joe’s services. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions.”
”Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse…”
Merry Christmas,
Magician joe Ferranti

Holiday Parties = Busy and fun Season

Great news for all the Walk Around and Strolling Magicians working in Boston and throughout Mass. (R.I. N.H.). It seems there is plenty of work for everyone. The December Calendar is full and running into January. Some businesses like celebrating the Holidays in January. I imagine December can be too hectic for some, and the turnout is likely higher in January.

As for Holiday related material, I don’t use any. I don’t feel a demand or need for it. Of course if something is requested in advance, I will always accommodate. A few twists on most anything can change the theme.

The main theme is fun, laughter and amazement. Without that I’d be dead in the water. Hopefully without sounding like an ego maniac, I achieve this goal consistently…time after time. (Of course that is the case with many others.) My only secret is I never take a job if I have the slightest hint, I might not be able to provide what my “Client” is looking for.
In everything we do, it pays to listen. Most prefer to talk and bluster. (As I’m doing now.) But you will learn very little from yourself. Most importantly, when someone’s reputation is on the line, (think event planner) this is more valuable than the money. You can never afford to get it wrong.
Let me leave this, with a wish that everyone has a pleasurable Holiday season and the greatest of health in the New Year.

Wedding Season in the Northeast

I know people are getting married throughout the year, but so many are booked for June, It’s a Wedding Planners Dream.

So many decisions, too many decisions, so much stress, relax and breathe deep.
In our own little worlds the globe revolves around each of us, even though we know it’s not true. I am one of many Wedding Magicians in Boston and Ma. I’m not here to tell you I’m the best. (Just one of the best.)

As you go through your list of priorities, the Magician may come after the Photo Booth. I know we are near the bottom…and that’s O.K. every event has a budget, and there is a point where the money shuts down. I totally understand, I live on a budget myself. If at the end of the day, you find there’s not enough money to hire a Magician, that’s fine, I’m sure you will have a wonderful celebration.

If however you find a few hundred dollars, you can take your event to an entirely different level for your guests. You can give them a gift of the most unique form of entertainment available.
My only Advice is to shop with knowledge. Insure that your Magician is a specialist in the Close Up/ Walk Around style of Magic. If you leave it in the hands of an agency, don’t just allow them to send over someone who is available on your day. In fact, if you can make the time, a google search should bring you to several web sites of competent Magicians. You can avoid the middle man altogether, and in the process you might save yourself 10 – 25 % of the cost. (Yeah, that’s what they get for introducing us.)

I’ll leave you with one tip, find out if the Magician will be performing a “Special Effect” for the Bride and Groom. If they hesitate for a second, hang up. We all do, and anyone of us could tell you which one it is. Trust me. I only lie when I am working.

Joe Ferranti Wedding and Party Magician, Boston, Ma.

People are…People

Like many of us, I have been lucky by birth…born into the middleclass. (Slipping a bit, but not starving.) I have had the good fortune to know many people from all walks of life.
I made my living in the “working class.” But also associate with those of great wealth and higher education.

So what does this have to do with people… are people. Well, we may talk differently, some may have finer “tastes”, but at the end of the day, people perceive as we are programmed to. All this works very well for the “professional Magician.”

I have worked nearly every possible venue, providing the best in strolling/walk around magic.
I have worked adult Birthday parties for the down to earth, “working class.” (Which is where I belong.) I have also worked for large successful corporations, Harvard Business School students, and I think you get the picture.

I get paid for entertaining by doing things that should NOT be able to be done. MAGIC!
OMG, Harvard Business School Students! Doctors and lawyers…oh my! Surely they must be a more difficult…well you know, more intelligent, so my little tricks won’t fly. Wrong!
People, well, are just people. Wherever you come from your senses work the same. You perceive motion and anything which makes common sense in the same way we all do. It’s universal. So my job is the same, whoever I perform for. I do not change my personality. I am what I have always been. A polite middle class kind of guy that you will want to have around at your next party.
So why does the Magic of Joe Ferranti, or any other competent magician work?
Because, people are people!
Boston Magician Joe Ferranti “Boston Trade Show Magician”

Not fun to go to the Dentist?

Not true…I just had a great time performing for the American Dental Partners at the Westin Copley in Boston, Ma. (And a special thank you to my associate/friend Evan Northrup who performed with me.)
I don’t totally understand their membership, but there were people from all around the U.S. at the convention. Not all were dentists, but there were plenty there. I’ve had my eye on an upgrade to some dental implants, so I asked a Dentist how many teeth we have in our upper mouth. I was told 16, so I bargained with 16 Dentists to trade an implant for a good trick. (Well, a great trick…seems fair.)
Although I don’t advertise as strictly a Card Magician, I am leaning that way. I always do a couple of coin tricks and am always prepared with other material, but for the most part it isn’t necessary. My good friend Paul Gordon, from England performs nothing but Card Magic, and does quite well. Congrats Paul.
The negative side for me would be advertising that the majority of my performance is card Magic. Frankly, I wouldn’t be hired. However, once I’m rolling there has never been a complaint, and the reviews are consistently 5 stars.
Most people don’t realize the variety of effects that one can produce with an ordinary deck of cards. Much like music with its limited scale of notes, the melodies are endless, and so it goes with the cards.

Joe Ferranti One of the Top Magicians in Boston, Ma.

Turning 60…Happy Birthday

So your husband is turning 60…congratulations.

You have many ways to celebrate. You might have a quiet dinner together. Maybe you will throw a party with your friends, either at home or a restaurant. Maybe you can add a little music? I’ve got an idea, how about a Professional Magician. That would make for an unforgettable event.

I know what you are thinking; you are a Magician you’re just trying to sell your services. Well yes, I’m not so much selling as suggesting a consideration of what I can provide. There is no doubt that any of the above suggestions would be a good time. Nobody would even suggest that something was missing, because nothing was. So why bring Joe Ferranti, one of the top Magicians in Boston to your celebration? Gee, I want to remain humble, of course it would be wrong for me to tell you I can make a difference. So I won’t, just listen to my clients.

It would have just been a “nice dinner” without you, but you took it up to the highest level of fun, with your showmanship and professionalism (not to mention, great sense of humor). You made all of the age groups at the party enjoy our very special evening, by giving each and every guest special attention. Again, thanks so much for the life-long wonderful memory. That’s really nice; I couldn’t have put it better without sounding like I have a fat head. You were so professional, prompt, kind, and fun! We all truly enjoyed your show and you! Thank you for making our sons milestone birthday a great one!

How about…
Joe is by far one of the best magicians in this area.
That was really sweet, anymore?
We hired Joe for my husband’s 60th birthday party and we are so glad we did!
OMG, this guy is great! But there is more…
Thank you so very much for working your magic at my husband’s party. Everyone, and I mean everyone loved watching you do your craft! You added that something special to the event!
I’m starting to get tears in my eyes.
Mr. Ferranti really made my best friend’s birthday unique, fun and really special. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
My goodness, now I see it…you take it to a different level.
Right, but how could I say that about myself?

Joe Ferranti “One of the Top Magicians in Boston.”

“Oh, I Know That One…”

One reason, (of many) for not doing shows for children, is tiring of hearing, “Oh, I know that one.” Although, that is perfectly acceptable and a predictable outcry with children. They are easily excited and eager to let their friends know they are “one step” ahead of everybody else.

My personal choice of entertainment is close up magic for adults. It’s a communicative dialogue with the ending result being an “astonished “group of people. (Which is most often accompanied by applause, laughter and an occasional benign vulgarity. NFW!)

So, I’ve been working several years, and I never hear, “Oh, I know that one” anymore, until…
Yes, it happened twice in the last year! I don’t know exactly why. If I did I suppose I’d be a psychic, not a magician. For some reason it bothers me a little with adults. It has nothing to do with the interruption, as that is expected. Close Up is truly interactive, and perhaps the reason I enjoy it so much. (I can’t help it; a grown adult bursting out, “I know that one” bothers me, just a little.)
So, I’m spreading some cards towards a female spectator, my head’s turned away so I can’t see anything. “Just pull one out, anyone, it doesn’t matter. You got one? Would you please take this pen and sign your name, real big all the way across the face.”

I don’t recall exactly when, but at some point between, pull one out and sign the face, her girlfriend shouts out “Oh, I know that one.” I replied, “You do?”…”Yes, My boyfriend showed me” I reply, “Oh…that’s nice.” I continue with having the card replaced followed by my hand smacking the pack. “Do you know where your card is? Well, it has gone up this sleeve, run across…uh, yes that would be my chest. It then ran down my other sleeve and jumped into my pocket.” My rather obvious empty hand goes into the pocket and removes a card, turns it over to verify the signature…it really is her card. I turn to her friend, “Is that the card trick your boyfriend showed you?” The answer is, “uhh, no.” “Are you sure” I want to verify as some boyfriends do know everything. The reply remains the same. “Watch,” I take the card and rub it on my thigh…I lift my hand, and it is gone. For the suspicious ones I show the first few cards on top of the deck, in case they thought I snuck it back. “Do you know where it went?” I subtlety point to my pocket, the obviously empty hand goes in again, and brings out the “signed” selected card.

I can’t help myself, “Is that the one your boyfriend showed you?” The answer remains the same.
However the trick continues, the spectator actually pushes the signed card into the deck. After a slight pause, I point to my left breast pocket. The card is now there, in full view for everyone to see. Yeah, you know, “Is that the one your boyfriend showed you?” Her head shakes back and forth in the universal sign language which means “no.”

Finally the entire deck is placed on my left thigh, there is a slight pause as the deck is squished into nothingness, leaving only one card. (The signed card) Finale time, the entire deck has jumped to my left coat pocket. No, I don’t ask her again. I politely shake her hand and end, “Thanks so much for being a good sport. Have a great evening!” I truly hope that will take away any “sting” she may have felt during the trick… I am not hired to embarrass any of the clients. I would never dream of it.
Joe Ferranti Comedy Magician, Boston Ma.

Google Search

I just did a Google search for the best magician in Boston. Have no fear, I stopped counting after 50. There is no shortage of the “Best”. How can you go wrong?
Very easy, you may hire the wrong “Best Magician”.
You should have done a further search…Best Magicians that Suck. Just kidding!

Sadly, this is a business. It’s like picking out a Salad Dressing…Salad dressing is relatively cheap, so you can try a few and decide for yourself. Magicians? Not so cheap and you are having only one 50th Wedding Anniversary.

I was talking with a potential client, and I told her, “Truly, I am one of the best close up magicians in this area.” Well, I was hired and she was kind enough to write a review…here’s a bit of it. “Joe was one of the Best Magicians…” I’m not sure why she used the past tense. I also ask a few questions, it helps because I’m not a marketing specialist. Also, believe it or not I am humble and don’t like to brag, I’d rather have my work speak for itself. But I have competition with essentially the same claims. If I say I’m the second best, it doesn’t turn out so good.

Actually, I’m in the ballpark with everyone else, but here is a little truth for you. Whoever you hire, when you say Good night and walk out the door, they better think you were the Best Magician they ever saw. That’s the part each of us must fulfill. It’s probably not true, but the perception better be there.
Now here is the caveat to all us Magicians. This advice comes from many of the “Real Best Magicians around the globe.”

Appreciate the compliments, the applause, the laughter, the occasional scream, but the moment you start believing you are the best. You’ve let your ego get the “Best” of you. There are so many entertainers out there. Plenty are better in many aspects, some in all aspects. Keep yourself grounded. The moment you develop an “attitude” you’re done. Let’s face it; we’re not performing brain surgery. (Just doing a few tricks.)

Joe Ferranti “The Best Magician in Boston” well, you know.