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What a great day I had yesterday. Call it what you want, Walk Around Magic, Strolling Magic, Close Up Magic and if you must…” Street Magic.” How much do I love this? I drove one hour and twenty minutes each way, not to mention performing entertaining Magic for an hour and a half. There were only about 35 people in attendance. With an age span of about 13 years old to some over 50. (That’s a relatively small group) it’s not unusual to entertain 100 or more people. This means you don’t have the time to perform too much material, as you need to reach all the guests.

Being prepared for all circumstances

Yesterday’s challenge was that I had groups of ten people surrounding me. So what’s the challenge? When you have close to one third of the attendees watching at once, you must have an extensive repertoire to satisfy the entertainment demand.

Before I began performing Close-Up Strolling Magic, “magician friends” told me all I needed was three tricks, and repeat them through the event. This is the advice you can get from people who do not work in real-world settings.

Reactions are instant gratification

There is an immediate payoff working with an enthusiastic group. They let you know at the moment if you are doing your job. I’m not a scientist or psychologist, but this must give you those endorphins you hear about but never see. You feel good immediately.


I have many people to thank who have taught and inspired me, and I will acknowledge all of them soon, but for the moment I must thank Paul Gordon of England. Paul’s a great magician, writer and inventor of all things magical. What Paul taught me was not just tricks. He showed me the benefits of performing with “enthusiasm.” Which I believe must be genuine. You can’t fake it.

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Close-Up Magician Boston Massachusetts

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