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The Power of Word-of-Mouth Referrals: Guaranteed Success!

Corporate Magician Joe Ferranti at the Sheraton Boston Massachusetts the Best in Magic Entertainment
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Building a clientele is a process, that’s what I’m telling myself. It is a slow process. I know little about organic SEO, and throwing money at ads might be tantamount to flushing money down the toilet.

Learning SEO

My income does not allow me to pay an SEO expert to promote my business. So I experiment myself with all in one SEO.

AIOSEO is my tool of choice, (for now) this is not an ad. I should be the last person you should ask for advice on SEO. I have found it user friendly, but I am sure I am not using it to its capacity.

Getting New Clients Via Word of Mouth.

Occasionally, I get a call for my services. I am not a “good salesman.” You might see some “bravado” here on my website, but that’s not my natural style. My way of acquiring a gig is to lead these callers to watch a few of my videos. Videos serve me better than testimonials. I have countless clients tell me I sold them on me from watching my videos.


Benefits of Word of Mouth.

What differs from this unique client is they don’t need to watch a video or read reviews. Why? It happens between friends in conversation. I am not privy to the conversation, but it is simply word-of-mouth referral. We trust our friends. We don’t sell to our friends; sharing experiences guide decisions.


I don’t have to tell them I will arrive early. They already know how I’ll be dressed, so I don’t have to tell them.. Their friends have told them that my magic/comedy is clean and appropriate for all audiences. In short, they expect to be satisfied… without saying a word, they believe they will be delighted with my services… and they will.


Using “Bravado” Through Search Engines.

Due to the fact I need to attract clients it is necessary to impress upon potential clientsconvey I am one of the top professionals in my field? Be honest, when you are looking for a service or a product does your search often start with… “the best…” So, I need to promote myself as “the best”. Of course the best is subjective, and I have faith I will deliver excellent service to my clients, so I imagine they’ll forgive my hyperbole.

Challenges of Organic SEO and Paid Advertising

Finally, word of mouth is best, but not enough to fill my schedule. I receive the rest of my work through “psuedo” agencies. These businesses occupy the top of all search engines. They can easily afford to pay for the position.

Furthermore, for each opportunity to contact a client, each magician pays a yearly fee, as well as a percentage of each gig. The clients pay nothing.

The concept sold to the public is that with each potential gig going out to multiple magicians, we must cut our prices to compete. This works for some, as there are clients who look no further than the “cheapest” magician.

Internet searchers rarely go beyond the first page… many don’t go beyond the first advertisement. “Just the way it is.”


Joe Ferranti Boston Area Magician
Joe ferranti

The "Magic of Joe Ferranti", brings the very best in Magic Entertainment to Boston, Massachusetts and its suburbs. We are proud of a 5-star rating. Guaranteed to bring you the best in magic to Adult birthday parties, and weddings, corporate and private events. 339-927-4710

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