Magic Musings

“Wild and crazy reactions to the absolutely amazing; amazing.”

Joe Ferranti, one of the Best in Close-Up Magic.

All reactions to magic performances vary for as many reasons that you might imagine. From screams, people running away, even tears…yeah sometimes you tug just right on the heart strings.

Reactions to Magic

From NFW! or simply two words “amazing…amazing.” As you can hear from the gentleman above. there was no screaming that day at Michael’s Harborside (1 Tournament Wharf, Newburyport, MA 01950) I was performing at a quiet 80th birthday party, with a “reserved” audience. Those aren’t my words, that’s how the client described her family and friends. “Old Yankee” was her exact wording. Not being quite sure I checked it out.

What’s an “Old Yankee?”

“In the 19th century Yankee was most often used to refer to a New Englander (in which case it may suggest Puritanism and thrifty values), but today refers to anyone coming from a northern state, with a specific focus still on New England.” I think the guests were somewhere in the middle. I do know they were very nice people, and a joy to work with. It keeps my ego in check when everyone’s not reacting with their jaws on the floor.

Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel, and you’ll see the many videos with screaming and other over the top reactions. The feeling is gratifying, but I’ve learned to keep “grounded”. Magic does not need another magician with a fat head. The biggest compliment I hear is about “being humble.” That’s something I work on each day, and to have it noticed is a reward in itself.

Am I the Right Magician for Your Event?


I always try to have a conversation with my clients. The more I know, the better prepared I will be. Not prepared in the sense of “magic preparation” I am always rehearsed. I mean prepared in the many little things that can add up to a big difference at your event.

When You Do Hire The Magic of Joe Ferranti…

No matter what the event, The Magic of Joe Ferranti (Boston Massachusetts Magician) will do our very best to bring your guests an experience that will have the crowd screaming and laughing. Short of that, I hope you’ll settle for, “Amazing… the very least you’ll hear someone saying “amazing”. BTW, look at the eyes…they speak for themselves. One of Boston’s Best Close-Up Magicians.

Joe ferranti

The "Magic of Joe Ferranti", brings the very best in Magic Entertainment to Boston, Massachusetts and its suburbs. We are proud of a 5-star rating. Guaranteed to bring you the best in magic to Adult birthday parties, and weddings, corporate and private events. 339-927-4710

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